April 1, 2009

Sex & Society

State may ban mature porn

Angray grandpaThere's nothing new about government's trying to legislate morality, especially when it comes to porn. But a bill currently making its way through the Massachusetts Legislature would place a ban on producing and distributing porn involving anyone age 60 or over.

“In my 69-year-old opinion, sex between consenting adults, or with oneself, is a God-given gift to mankind that is natural, normal and healthy,” Dave Cummings, an adult performer and businessman, told XBIZ. “And by healthy, I mean not only sexually but also emotionally and physically.

"Sex provides focus, stress relief, increased productivity and a myriad of other beneficial effects for normal humans.”

Cummings is one of the oldest performers still working in adult movies. He didn't even get into the business until he was 55 and has since made over 500 movies. He is also the mastermind behind hundreds of adult websites.

“I wonder if prohibiting my right to work based upon age/occupation is constitutional,” he said. “Is Massachusetts also restricting employment to church ministers, physicians, legislators, politicians, volunteers and public safety folks who are over 60?"

The legislation (House Bill 1688) is designed to protect the elderly and those considered mentally impaired from being sexually abused, claimed Regional District Attorney Elizabeth Scheibel. Her aim is “to protect our two most vulnerable populations.”

We know a few 60+ studs who would resent being called "vulnerable"!

According to Boston-based attorney Harvey Silverglate, "It seems to be the latest in a long effort to broaden the definition of obscenity. We’ve already got [laws] against coercion. Why is that not adequate?”

“I think and pray that religious radicals learn to sexually relax and to leave the all-American populace alone,” Cummings added.

And that includes letting daddies and granddaddies aspire to pornstardom just like everyone else!

Dave Cummings Blasts Mass. Proposal to Put Age Limits on Porn [XBiz]

March 31, 2009

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The Biz

GayVNs recognize the cream of the cock, er, crop

13 is normally considered a very unlucky number, but it didn't seem a problem for Raging Stallion's 'To the Last Man' which  took home a baker's dozen of honors at the 2009 GAYVN Awards Saturday night, including Best Picture, Best Director (Chris Ward, Ben Leon and Tony Dimarco), Best Actor (Ricky Sinz) and Best Screenplay (Dimarco).

And though there was some controversy - Michael Lucas took issue with once underaged performer Brent Corrigan's nominations - the show itself was a fun-filled spectacle complete with cheerleaders and a marching band. Margaret Cho hosted the event with Janice Dickinson and fellow comedian Alec Mapa.

This year's event was once again held at the historic Castro Theatre in San Francisco. Harker Jones, editor in chief of GAYVN magazine, said, "Returning to the Castro marks a triumphant return to the venue where we put on what is considered one of our best shows ever - the 2007 GAYVNs!"

So without further adieu, the winners are ...

> CONTINUE READING GayVNs recognize the cream of the cock, er, crop

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Porn Stars

Mason Wyler pipes up

Mason Wyler chatted with Sister Roma at NakedSword's brunch on Saturday. About being smart, dumb, or somewhere in between ... 


March 30, 2009

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The Biz

Lucas vs Corrigan at GayVNs

Michael LucasIf you were hoping for  a bit of drama at this past weekend's GayVN Awards, Michael Lucas did not disappoint: the publicity-seeking prez of Lucas Entertainment decided to trash Brent Corrigan on the awards stage.

"There is nothing new about my campaign against the honoring of Brent Corrigan," Lucas explained in a statement. "I took to the stage to speak out against nominating him, which was made very timely after for the ASACP was recognized for their child protection. In my speech, I said shame on those who nominated and awarded Corrigan. There should be no forgiveness for the company’s and individual who put the industry in danger."

His issue: Corrigan started his career as an under-aged perfomer. Something, Lucas says, that cannot be overlooked as it put the rest of the industry at risk.

"Let me make it clear right away that I have no personal vendetta against Brent—I’ve never even spoke to him. My purpose is to protect this industry from juveniles and set the standard rule for not accepting the risk they put us all in. We can not forget the crimes he committed because they are in the past. He is of age now—I get that but he could have put a lot of people in jail for his crimes to get where he is now."

Lucas claims that as he was making his speech, Corrigan’s boyfriend rushed to the stage and ordered Lucas to step down.

"At the after party, Corrigan’s boyfriend came up to me and bumped his chest against mine. ... He then threatened that he was going to kill me and demand that we leave the club together immediately so that he could break my neck. The club’s security swiftly came and separated him; he came back and told me that he will splash acid into my face, 'which will be the end of your career.'"

The police were called. The boyfriend, according to Lucas, was taken into custody.

Corrigan says Lucas' take on said events is just plain false.

"No one was arrested, and no one was threatened with any sort of bodily harm," he responded through his blog. "Michael Lucas did say to my boyfriend, however, that he would “never, ever stop harassing your boyfriend!”

And about the arrest: "Once Michael’s history, motives and his outcry on stage were all brought to light to the authorities, Paul was released from his cuffs and we gave our written statements. The police were very fair and even sided. They were polite and quickly drew the correct conclusions. They departed after a little over an hour of discussion. Together Paul and I returned to bed to sleep the morning away."

Drama certainly seems to to follow these two. We will update this story as more details emerge.

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Funny Bits

British minister forced to explain porn purchase

Britain's Home Secretary Jacqui SmithBritain's Home Secretary, Jacqui Smith, had some explaining to do after expensing five pay-per-view movies, which included two X-rated films she blamed her husband for.

"I am sorry that in claiming for my Internet connection, I mistakenly claimed for a television package alongside it," Smith said in a statement. "As soon as the matter was brought to my attention, I took immediate steps to contact the relevant parliamentary authorities and rectify the situation."

Her people tried to downplay the situation. "X-rated is not the same as porn," a spokeswoman explained. What? The names of the X-rated movies were not released.

"I can fully understand why people might be angry and offended by this," the embarassed husband said. "Quite obviously a claim should never have been made for these films, and as you know that money is being paid back."

We wonder how constituents will react when his claim for English Lads goes through.

U.K. minister apologizes for porn movies on expenses [Yahoo News]

March 29, 2009

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Celeb Watch

Waxing with Ashton Kutcher

Ashton Kutcher is forced to get rid of chest hair for his latest film "Five Killers."